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Photography, Painting & Installation

Further investigation of the story telling process. The Pomegranate and the Egg Series. Photograph of pomegranates developed onto an eggshell, 2001.

Installation - Site 2

Installation of Pomegranate and the Egg Series - Site 2, photography, eggs, pomegranates, wax, plaster, piping, lighting, drawing, painting, flour, 2001.

Installation, Painting, Photography on Eggs

The Pomegranate and the Egg, painting and photographs developed on eggshells, acrylic, eggshells, glass, 2001


From The Pomegranate and the Egg Series, photography on eggshells

Installation: Lending A Hand

Lending A Hand Project, detail of a community art project and installation about poverty and the effects of mental health, included over 200 members from Brantford and Brant County, permanent installation at the Grand River Community Health Centre, Brantford, Ontario, 2010

Science vs Romance

Science vs Romance; My Grandmother Was A M'ikMaq, oil, encaustic, graphite, rice paper, collage on paper, 2.5 x 5', 2009

Science vs Romance

From the Science vs Romance Series; Defending One's Workflow, oil, encaustic, copper leafing, rice paper on paper, 3 x 4', 2009.

Science vs Romance

From Science vs Romance Series; I was enjoying listening to him thunder, oil, encaustic, collage on paper, 2009

Science vs Romance

Science vs Romance Series; Iodine in my coffee, industrial paint, oil, graphite, collage on paper, 4 x 8', 2001.