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Marcia Tavernese studied Visual Arts and Art Criticism at both the University of Windsor (BFA) and Southern Illinois University (MFA, PHD Equivalency). Enthusiastically striving to express something personal with a very old language, Marcia excelled in the areas of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation and mixed media.
As a working professional artist, Marcia's work has been showcased on both the international and domestic stages in the United States, Ireland, Scotland, Japan and Canada.
As a professor, Marcia has taught and developed courses on Photography, Painting, Drawing, Life Drawing and Painting, Painting: Contemporary and Traditional Techniques, Printmaking, Sculpture, Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation and English.
Personal Artist Statement

Stylistically, I work in abstraction, representationalism or realism, whichever imagery is best suited to convey the story. I try to capture the energy of the subject matter I'm addressing with sharp intersecting lines and fields of colour, revealing and concealing layers and textures in an attempt to create openings and transitions visually and thematically. I use mediums that can take a lot of abuse like mixed media paintings on paper with acrylic, oil, graphite, wax and scrap pieces of material. I also work with site specific installations, photography, printmaking and drawing and digital paintings. My compositions are often developed on large surfaces in order to give myself and the viewer enough room to navigate in, out and through the work.

My work attempts to explore controversial issues that range from economics, religion, and alternative energy to ordinary everyday things. Most people have strong opinions on politics, money, and religion and people get passionate discussing these things. Where there is passion, there is friction and friction is energy. It is this energy that I try to capture in my work.

My intention is to engage the viewer on a level beyond the spoken or written word by revealing and concealing both literal and metaphorical aspects of daily life that surrounds us, where marks, colours and textures can disclose an idea, a feeling or an experience.

I find titles that provide a signpost to gently nudge the viewer in a certain direction without dictating the outcome of the exchange between the viewer and the work. Once the person arrives to this place, I hope that they can bring their own meaning to the work and help be an active participant in creating their own experience.

Exhibitions; Group & Solo


The Sketchbook Project, Sept 2018
Ponce City Market,
Atlanta, Georgia

The Sketchbook Project, Aug 2018
Hyde Park Arts Center,
Chicago, llinois

The Painting Project, Aug 2018
Brooklyn Art Library,
Brooklyn, New York

The Sketchbook Project, July 2018
Distillery District Artcore Gallery,
Toronto, Ontario

The Sketchbook Project, June 2018
Brooklyn Art Library,
Brooklyn, New York

Global Sketchbook Project, May 2018
Brooklyn Art Library,
Brooklyn, New York

Square Foot Show, December 2017
Julia Veenstra Gallery
Hamilton, Ontario

Juried Exhibition, June-July 2017
Glenhyrst Art Gallery,
Brantford, Ontario

Juried Exhibition, June-July 2016
Glenhyrst Art Gallery,
Brantford, Ontario

Sales and Rental Selected Artists Exhibition, April 2015
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario

First Year Celebration Exhibition, Jan 2013
Nathaniel Hughson Gallery
Hamilton, Ontario

Annual Juried Exhibition, Nov 2011
The Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
Brantford, Ontario

Annual Juried Exhibition, Nov 2010
The Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
Brantford, Ontario

Art Rental and Sales Exhibition, November 2008
Annual Exhibition
The Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
Brantford, Ontario

Walkerville Art, July 2007
Juried Exhibition
Mixed Media
Windsor, Ontario

Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Sept. – Oct. 2006
Annual Juried Exhibition
Various Media
Grimsby, ON

Brantford Cultural Network (Special After Hours Event), Feb. 2006
Various paintings and 2D media
11 Queen Street, Brantford, Ontario

Two for T, Feb. 2005
Various paintings and drawings
Capitol Theatre
Windsor, Ontario

Party of Two, Dec. 2004
Various paintings and drawings
Windsor Arts Theatre
Windsor, Ontario

Scottish Smalls, July 2000 - Present
Touring print exhibition.
Glasgow Print Studio, Scotland, U.K.
Earagail Arts Festival, Ireland, U.K.
Glasgow Film Theatre, Scotland, U.K.
Castlemilk Arts Centre, Scotland, U.K

Mini-Print Four, Feb. 2000 - Present
Touring print exhibition

First Annual Exhibition, Feb. 2000
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Scotland, U.K.

Canadian Portfolio Project, Feb. 1996
Juried exhibition of various prints by Canadian artists,
Travelling exhibition beginning at the Southern Graphics Printmaking Conference
University of West Virginia

Perpendicular Show, Feb. 1996
Exhibition of various media
Perpendicular Gallery
Windsor, ON

Paper Prayers, Dec. 1995
Commemorative exhibition for families and individuals who have died or are suffering from AIDS
Art Gallery of Ontario
Toronto, ON

Works of the Body of Work, Jan. 1995
Various prints
Common Ground Gallery
Windsor, ON

London Regional Annual Exhibition, June 1989
Juried student exhibition drawings and paintings
London Regional Gallery
London, ON

Marcia Tavernese New Paintings (Openings and Transitions), May to Aug. 2009
30 paintings from 2007-2009
Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
Brantford, ON

Revelation of the Egg and the Pomegranate, Dec. 2000
A series of four installations, part 2
Glove Factory Studios, University of Illinois,
Carbondale, IL

From Seed to Water, May 2000
Installation, part 1
Hospitalfield House,
Arbroath, Scotland

Moonseeding, Nov. 1996
Various drawings, painting and prints
LeBel Gallery, University of Windsor
Windsor, ON

Professional Teaching Experience


Art Instructor, Adult Advanced, 2009-Present
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario

Art Instructor, Advanced, 2008-2010
Glenhyrst Art Gallery
Brantford, Ontario

Mohawk College / Course Developer, 2006-2007
Graphic Arts and Design Department
Brantford, Ontario

Mohawk College / Professor, 2005-2007
Graphic Arts and Design Department
Brantford, Ontario

Visual Arts Professor, 1997-2001
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois

Awards and Publications
Brooklyn Art Library (Publication Release Date March 2018)
ARTDOXA, Feature and Cover Artist, April 2016
Slate Art Guide, Feature and Cover Artist, June & July 2009
The Expositor, Brantford, Ontario, 2009
Interview with, June 2009
ArtReview, Featured Artist, Jan. – Nov. 2008
ArtReview, Artist of the Month, Feb. - May 2008
JaxCAL, Interview with Marcia Tavernese, April 2008
Waterford Painting Competition, Runner Up, Feb. 2008
ArtReview Best Artist, London, UK, Feb 2008
ArtReview Best Artist of the Week, March 2008
Living Magazine, September/ October 2007
The Expositor, BCN After Hours Event, Feb. 2005
The Expositor, follow up article, Feb. 2005
The Daily Egyptian Newspaper, Women's Exhibition, March 1999
The Lance, Windsor Ontario, March 1994
Windsor Star, 1995
Private Collections

London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland
Glascow Print Studio, Glascow, Scotland
Hospitalfield House Art Centre, Arbroath, Scotland
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, Illinois.
Windsor Printmakers Forum, Windsor, Ontario
Gates Corporation, Brantford, Ontario
H. B. Beal Secondary School, London, Ontario
St. Patrick’s Elementary School, Brantford, Ontario
Brantford Arts Block, Brantford, Ontario
Grand River Community Health Centre
Central Community Health Centre
A. Fleming-Read, Milton, Ontario
A. McQuarrie Estate, Brantford, Ontario
A. & G. Langwinska, Brantford, Ontario
J. Wiley, Toronto, Ontario
M. & D. Konstantinou, Windsor, Ontario
L. Rae & D. Segota, Cambridge, Ontario
N. Pastuszewska, Brantford, Ontario 
J & N Osborne, Brantford, Ontario